Exhibition Views > Heroines with Baggage at Northeastern University

Heroines with Baggage is a series of videos and prints that Angela Washko initially created in 2011. Through the project, Washko replayed the 1990s role-playing video games which were formative to her as a child. Upon replaying these games, it became clear to the artist that the women represented were frequently portrayed as collapsing, running scared, afraid of being alone, and always in need of rescue by a male protagonist. By constructing videos featuring only scenes focused on female characters from these games, Washko makes the presence of these stereotypes and oversimplified gender binaries visible and woefully obvious. 

This 2022 installation version of the project at Northeastern University's "At Play" exhibition featured a new wallpaper piece, three 16 x 20" cyanotype prints, and the video work Don't Leave Me.