Curatorial > Power Play at SQPA Families in Need

See press release below. I would also like to add that I painted the space yellow, as an attempt to free it from its clincal institutional beige color. In most contexts, I would find this to be a criminal curatorial offense - but working with an organization that will "live with this work" permanently forced me to make more considerations about how the space is currently used and how to enhance the feel of the space for those uses.

Art Connects New York is pleased to unveil "Power Play", a group exhibition curated by Angela Washko for the Southern Queens Park Association. "Power Play" features artists who utilize nontraditional media, take a humorous approach to art-making, or create work that engages audiences on a participatory level.

Play is powerful. It is uplifting to the downtrodden, a much-needed break for the over-worked, and an (oftentimes rare) opportunity to engage one's imagination. The works in "Power Play" are united by a lighthearted but essential gesture-the human need to create a break from the mundane with new experiences and upbeat, imaginative approaches. The artwork represented in "Power Play" will create a permanent collection for the Families in Need General Preventative Program at Southern Queen Park Association. By considering the notion of home, community, and how we can change and improve our environments, this exhibition will function to create a welcoming, engaging, and active environment for the staff, visitors, and clients of the Southern Queens Park Association. Participating artists include: Aliya Bonar; Jason Eppink, Kelly Goeller and Adrienne Silverman; Miatta Kawinzi; Sarah Kodish-Eskind; Robert Moya; Alison Nguyen; Don Porcella; Rob Ray; Angela Washko; and Tim Winn & Zehra Khan.