Video > Livin' The American Dream

As I move from place to place rapidly based on opportunities and new interests, I continue to sell and give away my possessions. This freedom of mobility has allowed me to live a fairly low-cost, highly productive lifestyle (in my humble opinion). However, as my parents age - I hear more and more from them about how difficult it is for them to keep their things. Instead of preaching to them about my own item-purging liberation, I decided to ask my mother, father, and sister what it means to live the American Dream while shooting many of the items in their (my childhood) household. Surely enough- their resulting responses confirmed a difference in ideology that I have suspected since childhood- a dream of stuff as opposed to experiences.

Experiment America, curated by Mikhael Tara Garver, Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, Boston MA
Some Women Will Die...But You May Learn To Snag A Millionaire Husband?, Sorbus Galleria, Helsinki Finland