Video > An Irregularly Shaped Pearl

Amethyst Women's Project, curated by Yulia Tikhonova, Coney Island NY
Paradoxes In Video, Mohsen Gallery, Tehren, Iran

Paradoxes in Video II, Garage Gallery, San Diego CA
LUMEN International Video and Performance Festival, curated by Ginger Shulick, New York NY
Under The Subway Video Art Festival, Local Project, New York NY
The Perfumed Handkerchief, curated by Alison Ward, Flux Factory, New York NY

In her recent video, Washko satirically utilizes imagery and materials reminiscent of the French Rococo to question the era's notion of a beauty achieved through the excessive accumulation of costly, frivolous objects and draws a parallel to contemporary American society’s breast fixation and sex-driven marketing tactics. Her film sets and installations are primarily constructed with re-used Dollar-Store materials that are marketed as “disposable.” Washko’s performances and video projects reconsider excess, gender, advertising, waste, and notions of productivity while employing eye-popping colors, vibrant materials, repetition, and reenactments to act as electrified wake-up calls for drowsy consumers.