Participatory > Feminist Karaoke Revolution Room (FKRR)

Why should the masculine voice be the predominant voice in pop music? "The Feminist Karaoke Revolution Room" allows anyone regardless of sex, gender identification, and background to sing from the female perspective! Come experience the peaks and pitfalls of the pop star's feminine viewpoint through power ballads and pop songs!

I have always loved karaoke and have struggled to find decent songs by women that weren't about chasing or losing a man. Consequently I decided to make a zone dedicated to those voices that were missing in my karaoke experience: A shrine-like environment where the reality of the feminine experience was one that could be experienced and celebrated by all as opposed to the understood, unstated male experience.

So I found 63 pop songs sung by women from a variety of eras and compiled karaoke videos for visitors to the "Banquet for America" exhibition at Flux Factory to sing to. Though not necessarily pillars of morality or girl-power, at least the content of these songs aren't about trying to win back some lame-ass dude.

First exhibited: "Banquet for America" at Flux Factory, February 2012.