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Based on the Situationists' notion of the drift, The World of Warcraft Psychogeographical Association (with the unfortunate and coincidental acronym WoW Psycho Ass) looks at the effects of the virtual physical environment inside WoW on the emotions and decision making of the player inside it (me). Instead of following obvious footpaths, clearly defined flight-paths, and roadways - my avatar flies up waterfalls, follows rabbits for hours while memorizing their movement cycles, finds objects in the landscape that are accidentally transparent and fucks around with them, and attempts to defy the logical geographical barriers created inside the game - frequently resulting in the dreadful phenomenon called "getting stuck." WoW Psycho Ass. is an investigation into this massively multiplayer virtual space which appears to have more in common with physical public social spaces than with most video games. The Association also seeks to provide audiences that do not have access to its broad array of transportation methods inside the game (or that have likely never played the game at all) with access to the incredibly vast, detailed, beautiful and densely populated world inside the game.