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B-SIDE: Machine Learning Hate Poem for Fucking Scumbag Piece-of-Shit Brett Kavanaugh from His Verbal Opening Statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee

Recall any one of the summers.

at the work of the committee
when I was a committee
at the calendars of the committee
and in the works of the committee
and when I was testing a committee

it was beer.
I was some of the reference in committee
at the house
with the littly new years
the Service CountryCommittee

dead calendar
come in my mom
recall anything
we counted on this calendar
and this committee
in the law
sexually in the country

I’ll have 5 millions from the country
and some of the sexual school
sensitivities at the hearing
and confirmation of the
sensitive sexual sensitivities

The hearing was meant to terrorize the law
a crime of the committee
the confirmation of assault and the country

the man who also rises
i became ever beensidents.
Exposed, grade me.
Augumented Ashbooks
cross out the nation’s Past.

comments and the wind
for the confidence of my dad
for the mere American court senator
All for my own
the Democratic senate shows allegations
I attended and described
any summer of 1999

the judge
always said people judge
at the old high school
this committee on the weekends
they judged my fraught speed take
on the Square Clinton

highest merely stupid days
I attended my former old women by name.
Diseased listening.
And kind of talking too

the committee was the people
the people allegedly
the people’s allegations
at the party of the people
in the summer of 1982
I worked at the party
and worked in the football time
in the summer of these consequences
another point and statement
to the funder with this country.

low points
the people stand still as ever.
Perverts from 2008
Dull her fans
Of the summer of 1982

This government said the house is a committee
the last time of the media
for high school
They said
the preparation of the Democratic Committee
is not for this country.
In the summer of 1982

I will train real hard to do not this.
training the four law country.
back breath,
question of fact on nomination.
In me.

I was a background judge of the woman
on the lawn
and worked for the people
allegedly worked
and came to the committee
With my calendar
and the other time
with the law calendars.

just a lot of the party of my former and my family.
And a girl
this I never sexually assaulted
there have been women
by some political assault
oh why was this started
this committee

you would clear me
the president is serving me
and my family
and my calendars.
last night,
confirmation for me.

And this is a thing,
your friends.
I think to be judge over the calendars.
I am.
That was 17 year times.

B-SIDE: Machine Learning Hate Poem for Fucking Scumbag Piece-of-Shit Brett Kavanaugh from His Verbal Opening Statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee

This text along with the B-SIDE were published by The Hoosac Institute Journal in 2019. We trained text-generating neural networks on the transcript from Christine Blasey Ford’s testimonial letter outlining her experiences of sexual assault by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, as well as the transcript of Brett Kavanaugh’s verbal testimony to the Supreme Court Judiciary committee arguing against Christine Blasey Ford’s claims. The neural networks create their own new texts, pulling from the patterns and vernacular of the original source material – and we redact them into poems and then later manipulate them even more to produce experimental songs.

Although we typically use these texts to generate song lyrics, we thought that these two should also exist as texts independent of other media.

-Angela Washko and Jesse Stiles (U+1f440)