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Anne-Marie Schleiner: "O.U.T Operation Urban Terrain"
Anne-Marie Schleiner: "O.U.T Operation Urban Terrain"

Anne-Marie Schleiner
O.U.T Operation Urban Terrain, 2006
video, 18 min.
courtesy of the artist and Video Data Bank

O.U.T. is a work documenting the emergence of computer games
that train players to fight in cities among civilians (Military Operations in Urban Terrain). O.U.T. contains sampled footage and machinima (stories told with video games) from five military simulation games. The following is a documentation of the performance, (Operation Urban Terrain), an urban wireless intervention by Anne-Marie Schleiner and an international cast of game expert and art activist collaborators. Two women, dressed in sexy soldier garb, form the ground unit and are connected wirelessly to a team of players. O.U.T. was performed in three locations in New York City during the Republican National Convention of 2004. The final performance shows two enemy game soldiers dancing together. Only in 2006 was the entire piece completed with new MOUT machinima footage placed at the beginning of the video.
Partially funded by the Lyn Blumenthal Memorial Fund for Independent Media.