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Rachel Rampleman: "Poison (My Sister Fucked Bret)"
Rachel Rampleman: "Poison (My Sister Fucked Bret)"

Rachel Rampleman
Poison (My Sister Fucked Bret), 2006
video, 30 min.

Rachel Rampleman’s Poison (My Sister Fucked Bret) is a 30-minute video account of the artist’s younger sister Sarah’s early childhood introduction to, and later teenage interactions with, Bret Michaels – lead singer of ’80s hair-metal / glam-rock band Poison. With Poison music video clips interspersed throughout, a now (circa 2006) adult Sarah, living as the single mother of a toddler, shares her vivid and hilarious recollections of her multiple encounters with Bret, which eventually culminated in her spending a deeply unsatisfying weekend with the object of her decade-long obsession at his “cheesy” mansion in Tennessee. Shot solely and claustrophobically within Sarah’s 2006 Kentucky home, the stories relayed in this video convey in excruciating detail the experience of being a naïve and self-conscious adolescent in the suburban Midwest in the throes of total rock-idol worship, followed by the thrill and excitement, then ultimately the bittersweet disappointment, that actually getting to meet one’s idol can entail.