This can be absurd, practical, radical, idealistic, contradictory, hostile, hopeful, utopian, dystopian, and everything in-between and beyond
Edited by Angela Washko
63 pages
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There are 12 manifestos in this book.
They were written in October of 2016 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by 12 artists with distinctly different experiences and interests. These 12 artists came up with the texts inside this book based off of a prompt to write an unconventional manifesto on an underrepresented topic which could be absurd, practical, idealistic, contradictory, hostile, hopeful, dystopian, in-between and beyond.

They took cues from the manifestos that came before theirs- reading F.T. Marinetti, Wyndham Lewis, Kazimir Malevich, Frank O’Hara, Valerie Solanas, George Maciunas,
Situationist International, Gilbert & George, Ad Reinhardt, Claes Oldenburg, Donna Haraway, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Zoe Leonard, Bread and Puppet Theater, Lady Jaye & Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Laboria Cuboniks, VNS Matrix, Martine Syms, Morehshin Allahyari & Daniel Rourke, K-Hole, Working Artists and the Greater Economy, and more.

Their manifestos cover topics including abstraction, the data body, bad art, rejuvenating spaces for oppressed people, human-plant communication, disability and spectacle, inertia, audio processing software, fetishized heteronormativity, halting global production, expressive prosthesis, distribution of resources, among many others.

And they wrote these texts situated in the present, aware of the past, and speculating other futures.

The manifestos featured in this book were written by Anna Rosati, Becca Epstein, Bridget Quirk, Char Stiles, Darrius Fletcher, Hizal Celik, Gerald Warhaftig, Kasem Kydd, Maddy Varner, Orianna Green, Patrick Miller-Gamble and Tina Goparaju. Cover image by Gerald Warhaftig.

The Manifesto Book
The Manifesto Book