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Millionaire Worthy TV: Episode 1 (Floral Healing with Genevieve Belleveau)
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34:02 mins

Millionaire Worthy TV is a public access TV show hosted by artist Angela Washko. During each episode Washko welcomes a guest to conduct interviews with them about their research and its intersection with feminism, gender, sexuality, technology and pop culture. Guest backgrounds vary from biology to writing to art to reality tv. In addition these interview segments, the show is stitched together like a variety show - featuring supercut mashups, curated video art commercials, explorations of Southern California, performances in online spaces, occasional musical guests, and attempts to sneak onto "real" TV shows. The first episode features an in-depth interview with special guest Genevieve Belleveau (an Altadena based self-proclaimed crust monk and performance artist living in an RV she deems The Mobile Monastery), a floral healing session in both physical and digital space, related supercuts and a performance in the streets of San Diego.

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