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Don't Leave Me!

Angela Washko: Poking the Hive, Georgetown University, Fairfax VA, 2018
GLAS Animation Festival, Berkeley CA, 2018
Vector Festival, Toronto CA, 2014
Angela Washko: It's Just Not Fair, Austin Peay State University, 2013
MOD: Monitor Digital Festival, Centro Universitario de Medios Audiovisuales, Guadalajara Mexico, 2013
Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Money, K11 Concepts, Shanghai China, 2013
Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki Finland, 2013
Now What?, Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn NY, 2013
HABIT: A Film Festival, Spattered Columns, New York NY, 2012
Video Vaudeville, Vaudeville Park, Brooklyn NY, 2012
AIR Time, Flux Factory, Queens NY, 2012

"Don't leave me!" is a phrase frequently cried out by female characters in the role-playing video games I played religiously throughout my childhood. Female characters in these games are frequently collapsing, dying, running scared, afraid of being alone, and always in trouble. Male characters who exhibit these traits within the same games either do not exist or are portrayed as effeminate and possibly homosexual. The existence of these not-so-subtle anti-feminist plots in the games I grew up with reinforced negative gender-based stereotypes that highly impacted the largest consumers of those games, children.