Angela Washko is an artist, writer and facilitator devoted to creating new forums for discussions of feminism in the spaces most hostile toward it. She is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Carnegie Mellon University. Since 2012, Washko has also been facilitating The Council on Gender Sensitivity and Behavioral Awareness in World of Warcraft.

-> Paper Magazine selects Angela Washko for their BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE: 2015
-> Carnegie Mellon University welcomes Angela Washko to their School of Art faculty.
-> Creative Time Report: Angela Washko***
-> I'm a corresponding writer for ANIMAL NY now! See my articles here.

Other Press & Writing
->I recently interviewed Ricardo Dominguez about the media controversy around his Performing the Self class (aka Fox News' "Get Naked or Fail")
-> The Hairpin interviewed me about BANGED.
-> User Style: Angela Washko on The State
-> The New Inquiry included me on their Gaming and Feminism Syllabus!
-> On Vice......
->Weird: I am the first artist to ever sell a video on Vine... Guardian Article.

Recent Grants & Awards
-> Franklin Furnace Fund Grant!
-> Rhizome Internet Art Microgrant.

I made [Flux House] Meeting Notes, a zine about my years spent at Flux Factory for their 20th anniversary.

Upcoming/Ongoing Exhibitions
->Memory Burn, Bitforms Gallery (New York, NY)
->Mutated Game Form, Woodbury University (Los Angeles, CA)
->LEVEL UP, Taiwan Economic and Cultural Organization (New York, NY)

Recent & Upcoming Talks
->Ada Lovelace Bicentennial, Universcience, Paris France
->Angela Washko, Temple University, Philadelphia PA
->Extensions: Art and Humor, Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego CA
->Virtual Scholar Series: Angela Washko, University of Denver, Denver CO